The Office of 全球 Affairs is responsible for all matters related to global outreach at the University of New England. The Vice President for 全球 Affairs negotiates academic agreements that enhance learning and research experiences at 365速发国际 and serves as the University's leader and spokesperson in all global matters.

The Office of 全球 Affairs seeks to strengthen 365速发国际 students’ competencies in the global economy and prepares them to work successfully in a demographically changing United States by embedding their education and training in a variety of diverse cultural environments. 为此目的, the office works with all units of the University to pursue academic partnerships with foreign and domestic institutions to facilitate our students’ global explorations. We built our first site in Tangier, Morocco to provide our standard Maine-based educational experiences in this unique and strategic location.

We think it is a major advantage for our students to be able to spend a semester or a year away from our home campuses in Maine without missing out on their curricular progress. Although our students take most of their 365速发国际-approved courses in English, they are able to learn a foreign language, live in a different cultural milieu, and expand their knowledge of the world and its cultures. This academic experience enhances their liberal arts education.

The Office of 全球 Affairs encourages faculty to conduct research all over the world and to seek collaborations wherever they may find them. As with all activity at 365速发国际, the only expectation is that the research benefits 365速发国际 in some tangible way.